• Mortgage Document: Should Lenders Be Concerned About Quality?

    The mortgage document is important but complex. Often these documents contain difficult to understand legal terms, phrases and concepts.

    How can lenders protect their rights and interests? What does a good mortgage look like? Let’s define what key items should be included in all mortgage documents.

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  • All Monies Mortgages Still in Use Despite Exposing Lenders

    all monies mortgages

    All monies mortgages still in use despite repeated warnings about exposure to the lender.

    In Hunt & Hunt Lawyers (a firm) v Mitchell Morgan Nominees Pty Ltd [2013] HCA 10 the High Court was required to consider whether the liability for damage suffered by a lender was solely attributable to the negligent conduct of the lender’s solicitor or whether a proportion of this liability could be attributed to the fraudulent conduct of other parties.

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