• Statutory Demands and Genuine Dispute Regarding the Debt

    genuine dispute

    What are the implications for those seeking to set aside a statutory demand?

    In Plate Impressions Pty Ltd v JRL Consortium Group Pty Ltd [2016] QSC 274, the Supreme Court of Queensland considered both the requirements for the effective form of a statutory demand and the impact of a genuine dispute regarding the debt.

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  • Statutory Demand & Offsetting Claims

    The Supreme Court of Victoria considers the elements required to set aside a statutory demand where the company asserts an off-setting claim.

    In the matter of Innovision Developments Pty Ltd v Martorella & Anor [2012] VSC 390, the Supreme Court of Victoria set aside a creditor’s statutory demand for payment of a debt even though the debt was a money judgment entered by that court in favour of the creditor.

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  • Service of Statutory Demands at Registered Office Invalid.

    statutory demands

    Service of Statutory Demands on a company at its registered office held invalid.

    Recent Federal Court decisions highlight the dangers in serving creditors statutory demands on the registered office of corporate debtors.

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