James Hickey holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and Bachelor of Commerce degree (Finance and Accounting).

Since his admission as a Solicitor in 2006, James has acted exclusively in the area of mortgage and finance law. James has accrued extensive experience in the areas of mortgage advances, mortgage litigation and debt recovery.

He is primarily responsible for overseeing Elliott May’s mortgage and caveat lending work in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

The lending transactions overseen by James in the Elliott May advance department encompass all forms of finance, including short term and bridging finance, mezzanine finance, construction finance, and commercial and consumer finance.

In addition to this, James is responsible for managing matters in a number of directly aligned and integrated areas (in all of those States referred to above), including the following:

  • Credit Litigation in numerous areas including, Mortgage Litigation, Caveat Disputes, Priority Disputes, Factoring Disputes and Lease Disputes;
  • Proceedings in relation to Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy matters in relation to the recovery of debts; and
  • Regulatory and Licensing considerations for lenders, in particular in relation to lenders conducting activities under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

James understands the importance of the proactive and timely provision of legal services to his clients, particularly in relation to the completion and funding of loan transactions in the time frames required by financiers.

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