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Our lawyers have acted, and continue to act for multiple short term lenders, ranging from public companies, through to SME’s and individual financiers and funds.

Elliott May acts in all Australian jurisdictions (including Tasmania and the Norther Territory). This enables us to set and recover loans and mortgages Australia wide. Our industry knowledge combined with our practical experience in the areas of mortgage and caveat lending and enforcement, enables us to provide our clients with a proactive and cost-effective service. We are aware that our clients are often required to meet extremely tight deadlines.  Because of this, Elliott May have established very specific procedures, systems and relevant documentation to cater for these situations.

Since its establishment in 2006, Elliott May has advised and assisted its financier clients during the full spectrum of the economic cycle, including the boom that preceded the Global Financial Crisis (“GFC”), as well as the GFC proper during which all but the most prudent and well run financiers were wiped out.  Our experience prior to and during the GFC with financiers who successfully navigated the economic crises has stood us in good stead to guide and assist our clients during the current economic cycle.    

At Elliott May, we believe it is important to provide our clients with a range of options and to advise them on the legislative and regulatory challenges they may encounter. We also highlight their rights and obligations in relation to the full scope of possible outcomes.  All of this is to ensure that they are fully equipped to make the best decisions for any given transaction or dispute.


At Elliott May, we deliver commercially sound and timely legal advice within our core practice areas, namely mortgage lending and enforcement.




Solutions. Not just advice

Solutions. Not just advice