• Mortgagor Unlawfully Takes Possession of Security Property

    security property mortgagor

    What happens when a mortgagor unlawfully re-takes possession of a security property?

    In J P Morgan Trust Australia Limited v Anthony Robert Bridge [2013] NSWSC 668, the Court was required to consider the rights and standing of a mortgagor who re-enters possession of a property after execution of a writ by the sheriff.

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  • Execution of a Writ of Possession Stayed by Supreme Court

    writ of possession

    The NSW Supreme Court exercises its discretion and stays the execution of a writ of possession.

    In Secure Funding Pty Ltd v Colin West [2013] NSWSC 746 a short stay of execution was granted by the Supreme Court to allow the borrowers to make the missed payments and to provide evidence of the progress of an application for further finance. The decision demonstrates the scope of the court’s discretionary power to stay proceedings.

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